We want to give your pet exceptional clinical care every time we see them. In order to make sure our clinical team is offering you the very best service during opening hours, we have partnered with a dedicated out of hours emergency team at Swift Emergencies, just a 20 minute drive from The Harrogate Vet. This means that The Harrogate Vet is able to have longer opening hours, and will give you and your pet the care you deserve whenever you come to see us.

In the future, once we grow to a sufficient size it is our intention to offer the night service ourselves. We will keep you posted. In the meantime we are always on duty to care for inpatients overnight within the practice, avoiding unnecessary transfers and associated stress for you and your pet.

Whatever time of day your pet is unwell please call The Harrogate Vet. Outside our opening hours, you will hear a voice message giving you the number for Swift Emergencies, which is

01937 374888