The Harrogate Pet Food

Here at The Harrogate Vet we don’t just treat sick pets, we help keep healthy pets healthy. And the first step is what they eat.

It’s not easy choosing the right food for your pet. With so much variety available and often contradictory advice it can be difficult to know where to start.

When it comes to pet food we believe in sticking to the basics. We wanted a food made with fresh, natural ingredients, without bulkers or fillers and with no artificial colours or preservatives. Just good food, vitamins and minerals.

Our dog and cat foods are all Grain Free and contain a high percentage of meat or fish. All of our recipes have the perfect balance of each vitamin, mineral and trace element your pet needs in their diet.

Each recipe has been tailored to suit the differing needs of our pets as they grow, our Puppy & Junior food contains supplements to support bone and cartilage as they grow, our Light Fish Supper is low in fat, supports joints and promotes lean muscle development in our elderly friends, those with pancreatic conditions….(or simply those carrying a few extra pounds). Omega 3 is used in our Fish Supper for Cats to promote skin and coat condition.

From Puppies and Kittens to OAPs (and everything in between) we can help you find the right food for your pet.

We are so proud of The Harrogate Pet Food that we publish every ingredient of every food here on our website – head over to our Food Guide to find out more or pop into the practice and speak to us in person. For members of The Harrogate Pet Club there is even a 10% discount on all our foods!

Oh and I forgot to say….our canine and feline testers tell us its bloomin’ tasty too!

Date Published:
18th March 2019

Written by:
Katherine Jacklin